smilin' like a proud mother!A few months back, I wrote a post on the non-existence of truly “English” tea since none of it is actually grown in the country. Well, times have changed.

England’s first real tea can now be introduced: Tregothnan tea. From the Cornish phrase “The House at the Head of the Valley,” this tea plantation does indeed rest in jolly ol’ England (occupying land in both Kent and Cornwall).

Ok, I have to admit, I’ve been hearing about the emergence of this company for several years now, but never thought it could be possible. Tregothnan tea seems to defy nature by growing in a climate completely out of tea’s norm. On top of that, actually producing a drinkable product!

The British have been taking the tea plant with them to practically every colony they create (or conquer, if you will). But never before have they actually successfully produced good tea on their own land. Until now.

The Queen must be so proud.