Well, maybe we were wrong about the Boston Tea Party.

As it turns out, a new study released in the science journal Microbiologist (a real page-turner, I know) states that the bacterium which causes the usually-fatal disease Anthrax, Bacillus anthracis, has been shown to be significantly restrained by a humble household item: black tea.

Anthrax can and has been used as a biological weapon, as many of us may remember those infected US Mail letters sent out right after September 11th. It is still such a serious concern that all American troops are vaccinated against Anthrax if there is any threat whatsoever of exposure while they are on duty.

This specific study showed that there were several chemical compounds found in black tea, most notably the polyphenols found in the tea, that help inhibit the growth and activity of Anthrax quite significantly. They then tested coffee to see if the effects were similar, but found that the positive results were drastically lower (yet another reason to make the switch).

However, the study uncovered a very important detail: milk virtually neutralized the antibacterial effects of the black tea. So think twice before you add that splash of milk!

For a great cup of black tea (and an anti-terrorist tool), I’d recommend you try our NYC Breakfast. You be happy and healthy for years and years!