When it comes to a healthy way to drop a few pounds for a new role, Hollywood superstar (and sometimes pirate) Johnny Depp reaches for a healthy, delicious cup of tea.

That’s right, according to the British newspaper The Sun, Mr. Depp has put himself on a Green Tea diet in an effort to lose weight for a new movie role. one cool tea drinkerHe’s reportedly supplementing his tea-riffic diet by eating plenty of “low fructose fruit” such as pineapple and strawberries.

Why would Johnny Depp- who is already rather svelte- need to lose weight, you may ask?  The new role is as the gaunt Barnabas Collins, the vampire from the cult classic 70’s television show Dark Shadows, which will be directed by Tim Burton.

And while we applaud his decision to drink more tea (never a bad idea), he should have been on that since jump street!