In this edition of the voice of tea, we’ll shoot for the stars, or more specifically, what the stars are drinking (excluding Lindsay Lohan). Here is the list I’ve compiled so far:

Victoria Posh Spice Beckham ” Pu Erh

Oprah  Oolong tea
Queen Elizabeth of England “ Earl Grey (surprise!)
Jessica Alba  Chamomile
Ashley Judd  Jasmine tea
Ice T- himself
Hugh Grant – Earl Grey (again, surprise!)
Mandy Moore  Green tea
Sarah McLachlan  Chai
Kim Cattrall  Jasmine tea
Angelina Jolie  Chamomile
Gweneth Paltrow  Green tea

You know tea is fashionable when Oprah likes it!

Oh yeah, and my favorite one, Adriana Lima (at Tavalon):

Adriana Lima at Tavalon

I’ll drink to that!