bubble teaThe coolest Asian import to hit US shores since General Tso’s chicken is a quirky cousin of Iced tea called Bubble tea. “Boba” tea, as it is referred to in the Asian community, is quickly becoming one of the biggest sensations among America’s youth. A combination of juice, milk, tea and sugar (yes, my carb-cutting colleagues, unfortunately Mr. Atkins wouldn’t have approved) comprise this concoction, finished off with the unique addition of tapioca pearls. The wide vast possibility of flavor, along with tapioca’s distinct texture, Bubble tea is sure to subdue summer’s sizzle.

thai teaBut Bubble tea isn’t the first Asian Iced to migrate west. For years, after indulging in pleasantly piquant Thai cuisine, many American taste buds have been quelled by Thai tea. Also called Cha Yen, this delicious delicacy blends the characteristically Thai tastes of coconut milk and star anise with vanilla, clove, cinnamon, orange, sugar and, of course, tea (usually a China black). This, in my humble opinion, is the perfect complement for a spicy summer meal.