As you’ve been reading in this blog, there are myriad ways to express your love of tea.

One of the newest and most interesting (to this Tea Sommelier at least) employs modern technology. Tea drinkers by the dozens are beginning to jump onto YouTube, hoping that their tea-related video will become the next Chocolate Rain (where, ironically, no one is eating chocolate and it isn’t even raining).

Here are a few of my favorites:

NASA has recently posted an amazing video of astronauts drinking tea in space, called High Tea. I’ve got to try drinking my tea with chopsticks.

Here is a hilarious Japanese tea commercial featuring an adorable lil’hypno-pillar. If Tavalon is ever hiring, he’s got the job.

Even Tavalon has gotten into it! Check out our hysterical commercial featuring Union Square’s first breakdancing tea leaf.

Probably the most beautiful tea video I’ve found is by animation artist Michael Dudok de Wit, who made an animated short entitled “The Aroma of Tea.” Made entirely with painted tea stains, this Asian-inspired brushstroke animation is strikingly simple yet direct.

If you have any tavalon tea-related videos, we’ll post them! (Please just keep them clean folks, I could foresee this going in the wrong direction fairly quickly.)