There is a plague facing virtually every business in the United States, both large and small, lowering productivity and decreasing sales.  This perilous pestilence goes by the dreaded name “Office Breath.”

Don't. Breathe.We’ve all experienced that weird, stagnant breath that comes from sitting in front of your computer all day, not opening your mouth for a while.

Most folks think that it is because the air in their mouth is “stale,” but it’s actually caused by dehydration.  Therefore, the easiest way to fight Office Breath is to simply drink plenty of liquids (ahem, tea) throughout the day.

For those especially vulnerable to Office Breath, try choosing blends containing peppermint, as this helps freshen breath.

And for extreme cases, you can throw in a cinnamon stick to give it extra-strength breath freshening power.

Together we can wipe Office Breath off the map – by drinking tea!