After surviving breast cancer, a noteworthy number of women experience some form or another of depression.  Scientists aren’t sure exactly why this occurs in so many instances, but they believe that it may have to do with diminished estrogen levels caused by cancer treatment.

survive!According to a recent study, though, there may be some hope of serenity through regular exercise and, of course, drinking tea.

Among the survivors, those who exercised regularly (more than 2 hours a week) were shown to be 28% less likely to suffer from depression.   Even more remarkable was the fact that women who had taken up exercise soon after diagnosis were 42% less likely to develop depression.

Those who regularly drank tea, the study claimed, were 36% less likely to experience depression.  Being that the study was done in China, it is no wonder that the vast majority (about 90%) of the tea that the survivors drank was green tea.  However, it is a fair venture to guess that most tea types would have similar benefits.

Good news for the amazing women who’ve lived thrugh such a harrowing experience!