by admin — Posted in Health Benefits on January 18, 2018

Boost Your CreativiTEA!

Ever have a deadline pounding on your desk, but just didn’t have the creative juices flowing to get it done?  We all have, of course, but it turns out the juice we should be turning to actually comes from a leaf.

That’s right, according to a new study published in the newest volume of Food Quality and Preference journal, a simple cup of tea sparks an instant burst of brainpower and creativity.

Researchers from Peking University’s School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences conducted two tests on up to 50 students, with an average age of 23.  

Half of the volunteers were given a cup of black tea to drink and the other half a glass of water, before immediately going into one of two different tests.

The first test saw them asked to make an “attractive and creative” design out of building blocks and in the second they were asked to come up with a “cool” name for a new noodle restaurant.

Their results were judged by other, non-participating, students for creativity and design and marked on a scale by the researchers.

In the block building test, the tea drinkers scored 6.54 points against 6.03 points for the water drinkers. In the name test, the tea drinkers scored 4.11 against 3.78.

The results show that tea helped both divergent thinking – the process of coming up with a number of new ideas around a central theme and what most people would consider to define creativity.

While the study does admit that the amount of tea involved is relatively small to give truly accurate results, the outcome is still clear: if you want to boost your creativity, you should drink lots of tea!