If you haven’t heard yet, let me be the first to tell my fine readers that something big is amiss in the world of Tavalon.  After a few years outside of the retail arena, we will soon be throwing our collective hat back into the ring with a new store in NYC!

we're in the blue space!Since we are still in the very early stages of development, it is a bit premature to announce an official opening date, but I thought it may be interesting to share with you my experiences as this project progresses…

A few quick updates for this week: on a physical front, we have already started demolition, which will quickly be followed by construction. The space is quite a bit larger than I’m used to (our old location on 14th Street was just under 400 square feet, this location is nearly 900!)… this means more room to play around with, and -amazingly – room for people to sit!

From a design perspective, the general visuals and layout of the space has also been completed and the more minute details are being worked out now.  The concept is simple: clean, modern, hip and thoroughly inviting.

As for the tea, I am busy coming up with delicious new tea concoctions, both hot and iced, as well as some interesting tea-infused treats.  We will also be serving coffee at the cafe, something which at first struck me as a terrible idea, but once my creative juices started flowing I found that it gave me an opportunity for more flavor, like an artist that was just given a bigger canvas and a fuller palette.

For those who are familiar with some of our previous offerings, let me just say that you’ll be happy to see some old favorites, but also excited to see some new creations!

That’s it for this report – stay tuned for more updates coming soon!