by chris — Posted in Enjoyment, News, Tea Musings on January 11, 2018

Tea + Beer = Delicious!

From reading my blog for the past 13+ years (you have been reading that long, right?), one thing is abundantly clear: I love tea.

But what is less well known is my love of beer.

Beer has been enjoyed by mankind for thousands of years, just like tea.  In fact, historians believe that the very first written recipe ever discovered appears to be instructions on how to brew beer, found carved on an Ancient Babylonian clay tablet.

Much like the levels of oxidation affect what type of tea a leaf becomes, the type of malt, yeast and hops determines what type of beer the beer becomes.  And, of course, both can be altered by adding different nuances, creating new flavors.  Both are part technical, requiring a skilled hand with years of experience, and part artistic, thriving off the spirit of creativity.

And both, when done properly, can elevate the craft to a truly artisanal level.

When the parallels started matching up in my head, I began to realize: I need to make a tea-infused beer.

Now, while I can steep up a proper cup like no one else, my knowledge of beer brewing is less than adequate to the task (my wife would like me to remind everyone the last time I home-brewed it exploded at 4 am in my dining room on Christmas Eve, with family on their way for Christmas dinner… I am not allowed to home brew any more).

Luckily, our Global HQ just so happens to be right around the corner from a very talented craft brewery, Brix City Brewing.   And when I brought over some tea for their brewmasters to check out, we realized that this was going to work really well.

So well, in fact, that they are releasing a special cask of their newest beer, Rock Flag Eagle (ah, the It’s Always Sunny reference!) infused with a blend I made for them using our Peachy Oolong and just a touch of ginger root we use for a couple of our blends.

It taps at 4pm tomorrow (1/12/18), and is available in the taproom only.  They told me that the last cask they put out only lasted 30 minutes, so if you want a taste of this tea-infused libation make sure you get there early (who knows, you may even see your friendly neighborhood Tea Sommelier there!).

Here is the address:

Brix City Brewing

4 Alsan Way

Little Ferry, NJ 07643

And if you miss it, do not worry!  There will be more tea+beer fun to come!

Stay tuned….