back to school!Today was that dreaded day NYC kids have been fearing the entire summer: the first day back at school.

That also means that parents will soon be out in droves busily buying all items on each student’s supplies list. One item that may not seem immediately relevant, but will definitely prove to be beneficial, is (of course) tea.

After all, tea contains L-Theanine, an amino acid which works in combination with the effects of the caffeine on the nervous system to create a sense of focused calm.

This means that tea will help the student not only remain stress-free (at least my school was stressful!) but also thinking well (homework will be done in no time!).

Not only that, though – tea is also a great substitute for the not-so-healthy choices (I’m looking at you, energy drinks) kids often make when grabbing a morning beverage.

And the slimming effects of tea may just counterbalance those perilously fatty foods served in the lunchroom (I’m looking at you, tater tots).

So give your students a leg up – give them some tea!