Mr. CullanYou have probably noticed that I’ve been away for a while, and so all your thirst for tea-related knowledge has gone unquenched. For that, I apologize.

For a while, we were having serious issues with the hosting of our blog, causing it to shut down whenever the urge took it (which was quite frequently). Technology, as they say, can be both amazing and a burden.

I have also had another distraction that has kept me away from my writings, one which is quite a bit happier and much cuter. Since my last blog post, I’m pleased to say a new tea lover (even if he doesn’t know it yet) has come into this world. My first child, Cullan Alan Cason, was born just a few months ago… and I could not be more proud of the little man.

As you can see, he’s already getting his taste buds ready to be a top Tea Sommelier!

… let’s give him a few years before that, though!