Most scientists would agree that, of the myriad brain diseases out there, the most prevalent, and therefore dangerous, are Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

this is your brain after reading the VoiceAmazingly, all three diseases are caused by the same insoluble fibrous protein, known as an amyloid.

A normal, healthy brain runs smoothly, like drivers on a highway where no one needs to step on the brakes.  But when amyloids accumulate in the brain, they form the equivalent of road blocks, disrupting the normal flow and causing major problems.

According to a new study, these amyloids may have just met their match, thanks to a combination of a chemical known as DAPH-12 and EGCG (the predominant polyphenol found in, of course, tea).

Separately, both compounds are only mildly effective in the elimination of amyloids, but together they synthesize to form a protein-punishing dream team.   This dynamic duo breaks down the structure of the amyloids, making the brain able to flow more freely again.

Many scientists feel this study is significant, as no other research has ever found a chemical combination that can destroy amyloids.

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