Three LionsFor all the tea in England
After extensive exploration, I am unable to find a single tea plantation within the whole United Kingdom. In fact, UK’s climate and geography is quite unaccommodating to the cultivation and production of the tea plant. This is why it has always puzzled me to hear, “I only buy British tea” or “the English make the best tea in the world.” This baffling notion still afflicts many tea lovers around the world, stuck with the notion that in order to have a good cup of tea, one must have a Victorian ambiance.

Hopefully, no Brits were hurt in the writing or reading of this article
While more shortfalls exist for England’s tea, I would also like to point out that England also contributed many positive aspects to the world of tea. Britain was Great in that it was the primary voice of tea to the West, spreading the good word throughout a world to which it was previously unknown. Therefore, it was through their persistent message and passion towards tea – rather than their refined tastes (one English meal will dissuade one to believe in the quality of the British tastebud) – for which we should extol. After all, if it wasn’t for England’s influence, we never would have been able to move into the future of tea.New Revolution

What I propose is nothing short of rebellion – A new American Revolution against the stereotypes that we have been conditioned to believe about “English” tea. Instead of purchasing a tea strictly for the name or for the ambiance that it portrays, instead buy for quality, freshness and authenticity. Through this action, everyone wins. If the demand for better tea is raised, then everyone in industry must adapt, migrate or perish. The results will yield improved tea for all.

As the English would put it, “Cheers!”