Tonight, at sundown, the Jewish tradition of Passover begins.  This is typically when my Jewish friends spend the last few moments before Passover in a flurry of thorough housecleaning, to remove every morsel of chametz from every inch of the house.

matzoh, matzoh man!Chametz (or “leavening”) refers either to a grain product that is already fermented (e.g. yeast breads, certain types of cake, and most alcoholic beverages), or to a substance that can cause fermentation (e.g. yeast, sourdough or high fructose corn syrup). The consumption of chametz is forbidden during Passover in most Jewish traditions.

Luckily for my Jewish chaverim, everyone’s favorite drink (ahem, tea) contains no grain and does not cause any form of fermentation.  Tea is also considered naturally kosher, because most teas do not include any man-made additives whatsoever.    And, of course, it is not only the perfect complement to your favorite Matzo dish, but it is also good for you – making it a great addition to any Seder!

So take a tip from your favorite tea goy, drink some tea tonight!