Since we are on the subject of the safety of teas, I thought it was also fairly important to make sure that my readers knew about another health risk story that is fairly hot in the tea world at the moment.

minty not-so-freshThat is, of course, the possible salmonella contamination of peppermint tea  by a major tea purveyor in the United States.

I think it is important to note that this was a voluntary recall, which does not necessarily mean that the tea was definitely contaminated, rather that there was the possibility, however remote.  There were no cases of salmonella food poisoning reported in connection to the tea, but keeping safety in mind the company decided to issue the recall.

Our peppermint, which we sell as Cool Mint and also use in many blends, including our bestselling Serenity and Purity, does not come from the peppermint source as where the aforementioned company gets their teas, and ours in no risk of such contamination.

So drink with confidence!