Yesterday was not only a cool day to write (1/11/11), but also a very special day to my heart: National Hot Toddy Day!

what a great day!This beverage may seem relatively new, but in fact it is one of the first recorded tea cocktails!

The Hot Toddy emerged around the early 1700’s in Scotland, created to make the taste of their rapidly emerging domestic whiskies more palatable.  The Scottish took water from a local Edinburgh water source, known as the Todian Spring, heated it (to remove the impurities) and mixed with honey and spices. Those who could afford it also added a few tea leaves to the concoction (it was still fairly rare and very expensive at the time).

Over the years, the beverage took on the moniker Hot Toddy (“toddy” being a slang term for the aforementioned Todian Spring), which is still what it is called to this day.

That being said, the Hot Toddy has come a long way from being a vehicle to make shoddy spirits more appetizing.  Check out two of my Hot Toddy recipes here and here.

Happy Hot Toddy Day!