One of the most common queries I get as a Tea Sommelier is, “which teas do you recommend I serve at my upcoming tea party?”

Personally, when I’m having tea with friends, I like something familiar as well as something unique. In other words, I’d recommend a blend of tradition and novelty. Party On, Ladies!Because many of the tea party’s guests many not be Sommeliers, it is always a good idea to offer some “classic” teas, such as NYC Breakfast, Darjeeling 1st or Earl Grey Reserve. But be sure to also include some exotic teas that they may not have experienced, such as Jasmine Pearls, Genmai Cha and Silver Needle.

If you are feeling adventurous (and over 21), try spiking your tea with your favorite spirits. This is a great way to liven the party (in moderation, of course). I’ve posted several of my tea cocktail recipes on this blog, and many more are soon to come.

Found in the recipe for almost all successful endeavors, the main ingredients in any successful tea party are creativity and quality. Choose the best teas you can afford and enjoy them in a way that is unique to you and your guests.

Bottoms up, tea party animals!