can i take your order?A bunch of the top guys in the tea industry got together last night in NYC for our annual TEAmasons meeting.

Without giving away too much of the evening (we like to keep our society shrouded in a bit of secrecy), I wanted to share one moment from our dinner that I thought my loyal readers would appreciate.

After we’d just sat down, the waiter came up to us and asked, “What can I get everyone to drink?”

The tea blender from Lipton turned to the waiter and proudly announced, “I’d love a strong cuppa’ Lipton.”

The tea maestro from Adagio Teas was next to speak up.  “I’ll have a cup of Adagio’s Golden Monkey,” she said as she perused the menu.

Not surprisingly, the Republic of Tea rep ordered the Republic Chai, and Harney’s son ordered the Bangkok blend.

“And I’d like a Mighty Leaf Ginger Twist,”  said the Mighty Leaf guy.

…And so on, and so on, as the waiter got to each person, they ordered their own products.

Finally, it was my turn to order.  “Just water for me,” I said.

Everyone looked at me strangely.

“But Chris,” the specialist from Specialteas asked, “aren’t you going to have some Tavalon?”

To which I shyly replied, “naw, I won’t drink tea if you guy aren’t!”

(At this point, I hope you’ve realized this is just an April Fools joke – I have nothing but respect for my colleagues in the industry… well, at least most of them.)