My mother always tells me that, amid the growing chaos of day-to-day Tea Sommelier life, a short break from the action is important. And according to a recent study released by the BBC, its importance may be even more important than dear old mosiestam suggested.

The study took place in Greece and looked at almost 24,000 men and women aged between 20 and 86. None of the subjects had a history of heart disease or any other severe condition.

What the study found was that those who took naps of more than 30 minutes three or more times a week had a whopping 37% lower risk of dying of heart disease.

But with all the myriad stresses of life, how can you unwind? With tea, of course! As previously mentioned, drinking tea can significantly help reduce stress and focus your mind.

So listen to your mom: take a break from your stressful day to pour yourself a nice, relaxing cup of calming tea, find a comfy office chair (your boss’s chair is not recommended) and rest your eyes and mind for a few minutes – you’ll be refreshed for many happy, healthy years to come!