a healthy gulpAs tea lovers, we all know that drinking tea is good for us, but it still gets me excited to see yet another expert coming forward to reinforce this notion.

So when I went over to the Yahoo! homepage and saw a delicious cup of tea in the health feature section, I quickly clicked through.

While the article is fairly general, the information is obviously well-researched and presented in a manner that can still speak to the everyday consumer.  It discusses which 7 everyday beverages (besides water) are the best for you.  Prominently positioned on that list, as you may guess, was tea.

However, our favorite drink did not just take up one of the seven spots – not even two – but three of the top 7 healthiest everyday beverages (green tea, black tea and chamomile were all mentioned)!   That’s right, 43% of the beverages on the list can be purchased on our site!

That’s pretty impressive!