When we first launched Tavalon, the company which would later be hailed as “The Future of Tea,” in June 2005, we weren’t thinking that much in the future. In fact, after selling his car and house, pulling out 7 credit cards, liquidating his stock options and 401K, our CEO John-Paul Lee was thinking more about how to drag those first important customers into the store to get hooked on the product.

happy birthday to us!Now, 5 years later, Tavalon is a multi-national company, served and sold in restaurants, hotels and stores (and e-stores) from NYC to Seoul and has appeared in virtually every major media outlet.

But if it wasn’t for the support of our wonderful customers and your passion for great tea, we would’ve gone belly-up long ago.

So to say “thank you” to our customers, we are offering 30% off all teas from now until June 8th (our official birthday).

To redeem this promotion, customers simply enter promo code 5YEARS in the checkout section of our website!