Among the many studies presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Honolulu recently, three in particular found reliable sources which seemed to lower the risk of brain decline with age.

brain on dementiaThe first study tracked more than 1,200 people over 20 years.  Of these now-elderly folks, 242 had developed dementia. Those who got moderate to heavy levels of physical activity had about a 40 percent lower risk of developing any type of dementia. Those reporting the least activity were 45 percent more likely to develop dementia than more-active people.

In the second study, researchers examined data from 3,325 Americans 65 years and older, and found the odds of cognitive impairment were about 42 percent higher in those deficient in vitamin D, and 394 percent higher in people severely deficient.

And the final study, a 14-year project, followed more than 4,800 senior men and women.  It concluded that tea drinkers had less mental decline than non-tea drinkers, and those who drank tea one to four times a week had average yearly rate of decline 37 percent lower than people who didn’t drink tea.

So what does this tell you?  Do your brain a favor- get plenty of exercise, take your vitamins and, of course, drink lots of tea!