1. Cancer Prevention- Numerous studies have shown that drinking tea can actually reduce your chances for getting cancer!

2. Weight Loss- Tea has been shown to be a great way to help enhance your good diet and exercise to help you lose even more weight!

3. Heart Disease – If your cardiovascular health is important to you, you’ll know it is good to give your heart some tea!

4. Sa simple leaf...kin Health – Want to keep your face looking young and healthy? Tea may also help to protect your skin!
5. Teeth and Bones – While milk usually gets all the credit, it turns out tea is great for your teeth and bones as well!

6. Keeping You Smart – Thanks to an active ingredient in tea known as L-Theanine, tea may not only help you think faster (thanks to the caffeine) but also calmer and more focused.

7. Immune strength – There are myriad ways you can get sick, and drinking tea has been shown to help your immune system make that not happen!

8. A Healthy Buzz – The caffeine in tea, called Theine, is different than that found in coffee, colas, or chocolate, and has shown to be a much more gentle energizer, helping reduce those mid-day jitters!

9. Reduce Stress – It is not just an old wives tale any more – studies have shown that tea can also help you relax after a stressful day!

10. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, tea just tastes good! And that is significant, because many of the aforementioned studies suggest that, to obtain optimum effects of the health benefits of tea, one should drink 3 to 5 cups a day – no problem at all when it is something you truly enjoy!

Pretty good for a simple leaf!