Tavalon's GenerosiTEA

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Tavalon has flourished thanks to a wonderful community of tea lovers, and we are constantly looking for ways to give back.

We have worked with charities across the country, including:

- The Concern Foundation in LA, which helps fund Cancer research (see photos of past events).

- The Felix Organization in NYC, which supports and enriches the lives of children without families (see photos of past events).

 We have also worked with several international groups such as Seeds of Peace, which helps children around the world develop leadership skills to create a more tolerant and harmonious future (see photos of past events).

And when we can't be there physically to lend a hand (or tea), we've also created programs to help fund various charities, such as Feeding America, which helps fight hunger across the U.S..

We welcome any ideas or suggestions as to any other charities we could participate with - simply drop us a note with your thoughts.

If you are a charity or group that would like to collaborate with Tavalon, send us an email and so we can be in touch as soon as possible.