Global teas: Moroccan Mint

moroccan mint tea cupsThere are so many tea traditions throughout the world, so many ways that people enjoy it. Today we’ll discuss one of my favorites, found in the North African country of Morocco.

Everywhere you go in Morocco, shopkeepers greet will greet you with a glass of sweet, minty green tea which has become known as “Moroccan Mint.” This tea, which is fully infused into the Moroccan culture, is offered as a sign of courtesy and benevolence.

Moroccan Mint can either be served hot or cold and at various levels of sweetness (probably depending on how “sweet” the sale is!).

If you want to get a taste of the Moroccan lifestyle, you can easily make your own blend of Moroccan Mint at home. All that you need is three ingredients (besides good water, of course): Gunpowder green tea, mint, and LOTS of sugar. Levels of tea/mint/sugar can be altered to taste.

I have my own take on Moroccan Mint, which I call Indian Mint. I’ve found that many folks who are unfamiliar with the taste of Gunpowder find it a bit too strong and smoky (it is an acquired taste, but well worth acquiring!) for a green tea, so I simply substituted a nice, light, vibrant first flush Darjeeling.

This weekend, I urge everyone to step out of your tea comfort-zone, to try something new. You may be surprised – you might just like it!